HIT forum on space to be held in Seoul

The Korea Herald, the nation’s largest English newspaper, will kick off its annual business forum under the theme, “Beyond Earth,” on Wednesday to discuss the ever-evolving and highly dynamic space industry while endeavoring to understand humanity's connection with the universe.

The 2023 Korea Herald "Humanity In Tech" or "HIT" forum will shed light on the rising industry and Korea’s recent progress in the field, including the successful launch of the homegrown Nuri rocket, and the pending establishment of a national space agency.

The forum will delve not only into benefits stemming from space exploration but also the meaning and value of human existence in the vast universe.

Sasha Sagan, acclaimed author and the daughter of the late US astronomer and planetary scientist Carl Sagan, is visiting South Korea for the first time to deliver a keynote speech.

Another keynote speaker is Yi So-yeon, Korea's first and only astronaut, who will share the story of how she joined the Korean Astronaut Program, cosmonaut training at GCTC in Russia and participated in a space flight in April 2008.

Sagan and Yi will sit down for a panel discussion to talk about space from both philosophical and practical perspectives and speak about humanity's responsibilities when exploring space.

The afternoon session will feature four speakers representing diverse fields of policy, industry, startups and art: Lee Joon, executive director of the Korea Aerospace Research Institute's strategy and planning directorate; Lee Jun-won, senior vice president at Hanwha Aerospace; Jung Hun, chief technology officer of space tech startup Innospace; and Bae Myung-hoon, best-selling science fiction author.

The forum, sponsored by the Ministry of Science and ICT, will also have Science Minister Lee Jong-ho deliver congratulatory remarks.

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